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GTA IV Multiplayer Event This Friday

This Friday, 25th January, you can join Rockstar from 4-7PM GMT (11AM-2PM EST) and play in a variety of multiplayer modes from GTA IV, The Lost and Damned, and The Ballad of Gay Tony, on all 3 platforms.For a chance at getting invited into a game you'll need to add one of the devs to your friends list.

  • PlayRockstar11 (PSN)
  • GwRockstar3 (Xbox LIVE)
  • GwRockstar1 (PC & streamed on our Twitch TV channel)
  • PlayRockstar12 (PSN)

GTA V Artwork From Patrick Brown: The Standoff

Patrick Brown is back with another new artwork. This one shows off Franklin and Chop, as Patrick explains himself:I really wanted to show off Chop and Franklin this time around. I love the fact that you can finally have a dog in GTA game now. What a great feature! I can't wait for this game, it's going to be great! If you're in the UK and are also one of the few people who still buys videogame magazines, look out for the next issue of Official PlayStation Magazine. If you're interested, they will be showcasing some of Patrick's artwork and have also interviewed him.

New GTA V Screenshot & Updated Artworks

Rockstar have updated the official website today with digital versions of all the artworks and screenshots released so far. Hidden away in the update was also a brand new screenshot which you can see below. Additionally we have added updated versions of screenshots we didn't have digitally or unwatermarked before. Rockstar also said that later this month the cover art will finally be revealed.

OpenIV 1.3 Released

It's been a while since we've had any GTA IV modding news to post about, but today, four years after the first public release, version 1.3 of popular modding tool OpenIV has been released. OpenIV 1.3 bring two long awaiting features. First, now it possible to view WDR and WDD models from Max Payne 3. You have all same features in viewer like for GTA IV. Second, at last, openFormats for GTA IV now supports WFT “fragments” modes, this is mean soon you will have ability to import vehicles models into 3Ds Max. Also it will be possible to make “destroyable” map objects, like you can see in video above.

GTA Franchise 75% off in Steam Winter Sale

For anyone looking to complete their GTA collection on Steam, the entire franchise currently has 75% off in the annual Winter Sale. The deal will continue throughout today and tomorrow so there's plenty of time to snap up whichever games you still need. Click the image below to go to the franchise page or see the links beneath it for individual game pages.

More Unreleased Vice City Desktops and Character Art

Rockstar have today uploaded more previously unreleased desktops and character artwork from Vice City, including the Crime Tree desktop (seen above) originally seen on the official Vice City website.we've dug into the crates a bit and created nice hi-res desktops of all the other character art that was never officially released in the Vice City collection. That's Avery Carrington, Cam Jones, Candy Suxx, Colonel Cortez, Gonzales, Hilary King, Old Man Earnest Kelly, Kent Paul, Steve Scott, Tommy Vercetti, Umberto Robina - AND, all of the radio DJ character art: Adam First, Pepe, Fernando Martinez, Oliver 'Ladykiller' Biscuit, Mr. Magic, Toni, and Lazlow.

Behind the Scenes in Vice City's "The Lab" - Part 3: City Design

Rockstar have just posted up the final part of their 3-part behind the scenes look at Vice City. Today's part looks at the design of the fantastic city that we all spent so many hours in, some of us spending more time in this game city than we did in our own ones in real life! 

5 New GTA V Screenshots for the Holidays

Merry Christmas everyone! As it's now Christmas Eve in most parts of the world, Rockstar has given us a little early present in the form of 5 brand new screenshots. Really interesting ones too! Check 'em out.

Rockstar Posts High-res GTA Trilogy Poster Maps

Remember back in the old days when videogames came in boxes and had instruction manuals and discs among other things? A nice touch Rockstar added to this experience was providing a double sided poster with the game map on the back. Today, Rockstar have posted high-res downloadable digital versions which you may be interested in if you've recently started playing the games again. Click the thumbnails below for the full size images.

Behind the Scenes in Vice City's "The Lab" - Part 2: Sound

Here's part two of Rockstar's look behind the scenes at the making of Vice City, as we celebrate the game's 10th anniversary this year. This part focuses on sound design.

From the attention paid to the Vice City radio dial which hosted an unprecedented soundtrack of licensed music from the 80s plus original 'talk radio' stations, to the intensive sound design that helped make the game's open world come alive, today's edition of The Lab has some glimpses behind the scenes that have never been published online til today:

Behind the Scenes in Vice City's "The Lab" - Part 1: Animation

Here's a cool feature from Rockstar, some behind the scenes content for the original Vice City! Check out the interactive feature embedded below. And continue reading for more details.

Vice City for iOS Updated

The iOS version of Vice City 10th Anniversary Edition has received an update today. The change log for version 1.1 includes bug fixes and minor new features.

  • Improved stability on the iPod Touch 4th Generation
  • Fixed an issue where a player’s helicopter spins when flying
  • You can now change what song is playing from your custom playlist by shaking your device
  • Fixed issue where some players experienced their device’s keyboard appearing during gameplay
  • Assorted Bug Fixes

Interviews with Rockstar North's Aaron Garbut & Les Benzies

San Andreas Out Now on PSN, "The Introduction" Available Online

Rockstar have now officially announced the availability of GTA: San Andreas in the North American PSN Store as of yesterday, and today it will also become available in European and Asian PSN Stores as they are updated. The game is priced slightly higher than most PS2 Classics, at $14.99 (£11.99 / €14,99), although given the size and replayability of the game, one could argue this is a fair price point.

New GTA V Screenshot from PCGuru Magazine

Hungarian magazine PCGuru has a new issue out containing a new screenshot of Grand Theft Auto V. The screenshot shows Trevor once again getting his daily Vinewood sign climbing fix (previously seen here and here).

Unfortunately we only have a poor quality scan but here it is:

Click to see full size

GTA: San Andreas Coming to PSN Store This Week

Sony's official US PlayStation blog has confirmed that GTA: San Andreas will be coming to the PSN Store this week, following the news in October when we discovered that the ESRB had rated the game for PS3. The US PlayStation Store receives its updates on Tuesday while the European and Asian stores will get it on Wednesday. We expect the price to be $9.99 as we've seen with GTA III, though this has not been confirmed.

GTA: Vice City 10th Anniversary Edition Now Available for iOS & Android

UPDATE: The Android version of Vice City is currently taking a massive hit with 1-star ratings coming thick and fast from unrelenting and annoyed Android users. Due to Google Play's ridiculously low filesize limit on apps, developers who wish to put out large games are forced to make users download "expansion" files upon first launching the app. It is this secondary download which is failing for what appears to be almost everyone who has installed the game, with "XAPK validation failed" messages. Hopefully Rockstar and developer War Drum Studios will be able to get a quick update out to fix this issue. Meanwhile, iOS users are enjoying a flawless experience.

UPDATE 2: The Android version has now been removed from Google Play for the time being...

GTA Vice City: 10th Anniversary Edition Screenshots

Rockstar have released a few screenshots from Vice City: 10th Anniversary Edition. The screenshots show the HUD to be similar to the one you may have become familiar with in the mobile version of GTA III. The game will be released this Thursday, 6th December on Google Play and the iOS App Store and will be available for selected devices.

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