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Downloadable GTAV Trevor Artwork

While not a new, Rockstar have released the Trevor ATV artwork as a downloadable wallpaper in a multitude of different resolutions for different devices. We originally saw this during the media blowout a couple of weeks ago.
We must admit, this cropped version of the artwork might strike you as a little awkward when compared to the original piece as it cuts of the tip of the barrel of the gun Trevor is holding, as well as the bottom of the ATV's wheels. That said, the artwork is now in a much higher resolution that is suitable for desktop wallpapers. Check it out below.

GTA: Vice City 10th Anniversary Edition Trailer Released

Rockstar have just released a special trailer for GTA: Vice City 10th Anniversary Edition, the special touch-screen optimised edition of the game coming to various iOS and Android devices next week.


GTA: Vice City 10th Anniversary Edition Trailer Coming Tomorrow

Rockstar have just announced via Twitter that a special trailer for the 10th Anniversary Edition of GTA: Vice City will be released tomorrow (29th November) at 12:00 EST (17:00 GMT in the UK / 04:00 EDT the next day for unlucky Australians!). The special edition of the game is being released on various mobile devices running iOS and Android next week on the 6th December. You can read our news article from last week for more details on that.

Check back here tomorrow at the time given above where we'll have the trailer up and ready for your fantastic critique.

Win a Los Santos Photo Viewer Courtesy of Rockstar

Just a heads for everyone who loves collecting GTA memorabilia, Rockstar are holding a competition on their Facebook page where you have a chance to win one of 50 GTA V photo viewers featuring a scene from Los Santos. These are the same photo viewers that were given out as pre-order bonuses at various stores in the U.S.

This competition reaches not just the U.S. but also (some) other countries, states and provinces - full eligibility details can be seen on the competition entry page, so make sure your place of residence is listed and that you're over 18 years of age.

Patrick Brown's First GTA V Artwork

Patrick Brown is up to his old tricks again, creating more incredible fan artwork. Now that we've had a lot of media for Grand Theft Auto V, Patrick has taken the time to draw his first piece for the game. Check it out in full below!

You can see the full resolution on Patrick's DeviantArt account, along with countless other fantastic artworks.

Two New GTA V Screenshots

Microsoft's official Xbox Facebook page has released two new Grand Theft Auto V screenshots today. Not entirely new ones, but from a different angle than we've seen previously.

The first shot has been seen before from this angle, while the second was previously seen from here.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Removed From Steam

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City has been removed from Steam as of earlier this morning. The removal rose from a conflict between Rockstar Games and Sony Music Entertainment pertaining to a licensing issue for Michael Jackson’s "Wanna Be Startin’ Something". Users that have already purchased the game on Steam can still download and play it, but if you want to buy it you're going to need to wait until the two companies resolve their problems.

Needless to say,  we'll keep you updated on this story.

What do you think of the situation? Did the RIAA go too far here? Are they in the right doing this? Let us know in the forums.

GTA V Trailer 2 Analysis

Three New GTAV Screenshots

Following on from the trailer excitement we have some more media, this time in the form of three new screenshots! Check them out.

More New GTAV Screenshots

Following on from the trailer excitement we have some more media, this time in the form of three new screenshots! Check them out.

GTA V Trailer 2!

Also available on YouTube if you're having trouble viewing the embed above. We'll have a full summary of the trailer here in a little while. Keep checking back!

UPDATE: I've uploaded 112 screenshots from the second trailer. And for those wondering, the song featured in the trailer is Stevie Wonder's "Skeletons".

Discuss in the forums.

IGN Day 2: Meet the Characters, Interview with Les Benzies, New Screenshots

Day 2 of IGN's GTA V blowout brings us a more detailed look at the three main characters, a great interview with Rockstar North studio head and Producer of GTA, Leslie Benzies. And as promised, they also have two exclusive new screenshots to show off, here they are:

See more in our GTAV Screenshots gallery.

GTA V Trailer 2 Countdown Goes Live

Rockstar have just updated the official GTA V website and have also posted a countdown to the second trailer here, and on the Newswire. The second trailer will go live at 11AM ET (4PM GMT) on Wednesday, 14th November.

We've updated our countdown on our homepage to reflect the trailer coming an hour earlier than expected.

IGN's Week of GTAV Content Begins, New Screenshots and Preview

IGN have posted their first GTA V preview up, if you've read our article earlier today then none of the information will be new to you, however you will be interested in the fact that they will be posting two exclusive new screenshots every day this week. The first of which are posted below.

Online GTA V Previews and New Screenshots

As mentioned the other day, today marks the beginning of online previews being published by various gaming websites around the world. We're also lucky to have some new, and some unwatermarked screenshots from the GI preview to add to our gallery. Most of the previews posted so far are from European websites, but we've learned of a few new details so far. Also note that IGN will be starting their blowout week later today so we may get even more info later on.

UPDATE: IGN's Preview is now up.
The Previews

New York Times Q&A with Dan Houser

Game Informer's World Exclusive GTA V Preview!

Following on from the cover reveal earlier, the digital version of this month's Game Informer magazine is out now. Below is our summary of the massive amount of information covered in the magazine.


Game Informer's GTA V Cover Revealed

Here it is, Game Informer's cover revealed for the world exclusive GTA V preview which will be out in just a few more hours. The cover shows THREE main characters, all of which have been seen in various artwork and screenshots so far.

More Online Previews Coming 12th November

Look out for more online previews appearing next week. Some gaming websites are starting to inform their readers, in particular, two tweets from a pair of Dutch websites say they'll have previews up on Monday, 12th November.

InsideGamer heeft de kans gekregen om exclusief GTA 5 te checken in New York. Lees vanaf 12 november alles over deze topgame van 2013 op IG!— InsideGamer (@InsideGamer_NL) November 7, 2012

GTA V. We hebben 'm in actie gezien. En erover gesproken met de makers. Lees 12 november alles over de nieuwe Grand Theft Auto op

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