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GTA Online Fansite Event

It's that time of year again. The time just before Rockstar release one of their games, when they like to invite some very lucky webmasters out to New York City to play the game before it officially launches!
Obviously I did not turn down my invitation, and like the previous times I decided to write a few words about my experience, so if you're interested you can read those here.

Complete GTA V Cheats Listing Now Available

If you're one of the millions of people who likes to use cheats in GTA games, perhaps just for fun, or perhaps to get ahead, then you've probably been impatiently waiting for cheats for GTA V to be discovered. A number of cheats were discovered on day one and we've been keeping our list up to date whenever new ones were found since then.
The wait is now over for all cheats to be revealed. Thanks to some enterprising fellows using a variety of methods from trying old cheats from San Andreas, to using scripts on the game, we now have the final few cheats that were missing. You can see all of them, for both PS3 and Xbox 360, on our GTA V cheats page.

Some More Details on GTA Online

Rockstar posted up a big article yesterday giving many more details about GTA Online. If you're sceptical about the game, or are just not sure about certain aspects of it, you should definitely read it. Below are excerpts of the main points Rockstar want to get across. First of all, some general details about it:

GTA V Sales Surpass $1 Billion In First Three Days

After news of GTAV's first day sales breaking $ 800 million, we all predicted that GTA V would be the quickest videogame in history to hit $ 1 billion in sales milestone. And it's gone and done just that in only three days!

Grand Theft Auto V Day One Sales Exceed $800 Million

Wow. That is probably the most impressive title I've ever written for a news article. You read it right, Take Two has confirmed today that Grand Theft Auto V made over $ 800 million during the first day of sales worldwide (excluding Japan and Brazil). This is a new record for first day sales, beating out the previous record holder Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, which made $ 500 million on its first day. This puts GTAV squarely on track to reach $ 1 billion in record time. It took Black Ops 2 15 days to reach this figure, while Modern Warfare 3 took 16 days. And in the film industry, the record holder is Avatar, and that took 17 days to reach a billion.
I expect most of you have now played some GTA V, and I think we can all agree it is one of the greatest games of all time, if not the greatest. Massive congratulations to everyone at Rockstar for pulling off something this amazing.

Dan Houser on GTAV and the Future of GTA

Following on from part one of their interview with Dan Houser last week, The Guardian have just posted up part two. This part has Dan go into detail about what went in to the making of GTA V, how it's improved from GTA IV, what inspired it, and what GTA inspires in other media. Dan says there's no concrete plans for future GTA games, they just make the best game they can at the time, they'll stop making GTA when it stops being interesting. With GTA V on track to be come the highest rated game of all time, it's pretty clear that we all feel GTA is still VERY interesting.
The interview ends with Dan being asked if we could see another GTA game set in the U.K. It's a question that he gives a great answer to.

Grand Theft Auto V Now Available Worldwide

Take Two have just announced by way of a press release that Grand Theft Auto V is now available worldwide, a fact some of you may be aware of already.

GTAV: The Manual - Out Now for iOS and PC

GTAV's manual was far too big to fit in the game case, so Rockstar broke from tradition and have released an dedicated app for it. The app contains over 100 pages, explaining the game controls and features, a tour of local neighbourhoods and activities you can do across Los Santos and Blaine County, as well as a special interactive version of the game map that can be zoomed and explored.

GTAV Reviews Are Out - 10/10s Everywhere

The embargo has been lifted and pretty much every gaming website on the internet has their review out now. No surprises but it's pretty much 10/10 across the board, with a few deciding to be more critical and knock a few marks off for various reasons. Below is a huge but probably incomplete list of reviews and their scores.
AusGAMERS - 9.8/10
CVG - 10/10
Destructoid - 9/10

Rockstar Releases iFruit App for iOS

Rockstar have released a GTAV companion app for iOS devices (Android coming soon) by the way of iFruit. Simply put, iFruit allows you to log in to Social Club and keep up to date with the latest news, including content from Lifeinvader. There's even stuff to do to customise your experience in GTAV with Los Santos Customs, and you can even train Chop from the app!

GTAV Midnight Launches

Official GTAV Site Update: Full Visitor’s Travelogue, Social Club Features, My Blaine County Video and More

Rockstar have just released what is presumably the final update to the official GTAV website tonight, and it's a pretty big update with lots of new stuff. First of all, the visitor's travelogue is now complete, with the final four sections now added.


Polygon Interviews Dan Houser on the GTAV Characters

Polygon recently got the chance to interview Rockstar's VP of Creative Dan Houser, who talked in detail about making a game with three protagonists and switching between them. It's well worth reading the whole article, but he's a couple of excerpts we thought were interesting:

"Any moment you could go and see what they're up to and it relates to what point you're up to in the real story. You just get a real feeling for them as existing outside of you controlling them, so that just kind of added this great ambient storytelling quality and fun to it.
"You jump across and Trevor's doing something crazy. Michael's stuck in some kind of existential hell hole of his own making, and Franklin is getting into his trouble." Launches

Back in 2011, we reported on some domains Rockstar had registered that we thought might be for GTA V. More recently, you may have noticed appearing on the official GTAV website, confirming our suspicions that it may be used for a teaser site. Today, Rockstar have launched an actual website for Lifeinvader, an obvious parody of Facebook.

Game Informer Hands-on with GTA Online

Game Informer recently got a hands-on with GTA Online, and have given a thoroughly detailed preview of it in their latest issue. We've summarised some of the new details below, and you can also read a brief overview of the 12-page spread on IGN.

New GTAV Artwork by Patrick Brown: Launch Piece

Just a week to go until we finally get our hands on GTAV. Serial great-GTA-artwork-producer Patrick Brown has celebrated by drawing this brilliant picture simply entitled "Launch Piece":


Win A Limited Edition PS3 + GTAV Collector's Edition

Time now for a competition for our readers from the U.K. musicMagpie, the company that lets you sell back your unwanted CDs, DVDs, games and other tech, are giving you the chance to win a Limited Edition Azurite Blue PlayStation 3 console plus a copy of the GTAV Collector's Edition!

Exclusive GTAV Screenshot for TheGTAPlace

Rockstar have very kindly sent us over this new GTAV screenshot exclusively for The GTA Place. It's Trevor having a fight with a car window! Cheers R*!


Hey Chris,
We hope you're ready as there's just a little more than one week to go until the launch of GTAV. As a token of our appreciation for all the great work you do with your site, here is an exclusive screenshot for The GTA Place.

Our friends at the following fansites also received exclusive screenshots:

5 New GTAV Character Artworks From Street Posters

While we haven't been posting much of Rockstar's street marketing on here, you no doubt will have seen a lot yourself, perhaps even in your hometown, the majority of the art is stuff we've already seen. Today we have some brand new character art which has gone up in Auckland, New Zealand. GTAForums member 10 Percent Guano took some great photos of the new ones.

GTAV Tipped To Rake In £1bn

According to an article in the Scotsman today, so called "industry experts" are predicting that GTAV should bring in over £1 billion ($ 1.56bn) for Rockstar, by selling 25 million copies in its first year. The game has a development and marketing budget totalling £170 million, an absolutely massive amount for a videogame, so it doesn't take a mathematician to work out that this will mean a huge profit for Rockstar.

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