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GTA Online: Gameplay Video & Previews Coming this Thursday

Rockstar have just announced what many of you have been extremely anxious to hear about - gameplay video and previews of Grand Theft Auto Online!

Look for the world premiere of the official GTA Online Gameplay Video as well as coverage of first press previews here at the Newswire and at – this Thursday, August 15th.

New Patrick Brown Artwork, Xbox LIVE Avatars, PSN Avatars

A quick post to update you with some minor news from the past 24 hours. Starting with the coolest. The legendary Patrick Brown who you'll most likely recognise from his amazing artworks he's created for GTA games as well as other franchises, has opened up a new website, and to celebrate has released a brand new work of art for GTA V:


12 New GTA V Screens: The Fast Life

Rockstar have unveiled 12 new GTAV screenshots today, as well as HD versions of a few we got from recent previews that had ugly watermarks on.
Perhaps of more interest is that Rockstar confirm we will get the first "proper unveiling of Grand Theft Auto Online" in August.

BradyGames' GTAV Signature Series Guides Now Available for Pre-order

BradyGames is once again creating the official guide for a GTA games, as Grand Theft Auto V is currently receiving the same in-depth playthrough the previous games have had. Announced via press release today, the company has revealed there will be two editions of the guide available - a standard paperback copy, and a limited edition hardcover copy which contains additional content including a lithograph and a collection of illustrations. 

Niko is Pretty Upset About GTAV

Poor guy :(


New GTAV Gear at the Rockstar Warehouse


CVG Interview Rockstar North's Imran Sarwar

CVG have managed to get an extremely rare audio interview with Imran Sarwar, Producer and Lead Mission Designer on GTAV at Rockstar North. Today's episode of their GTA5 O'clock show touched on a few details that were not previously mentioned in yesterday's previews by Game Informer. Below is a quick summary of interesting points from the interview, but you can listen to the whole thing by playing the YouTube video.

7 More GTAV Screenshots

French gaming website JeuxActu has revealed an additional seven new GTA V screenshots. Unfortunately it doesn't look like anyone else has unwatermarked versions, but if we get hold of any we'll replace them. Without further ado, here they are:

New GTAV Articles and Screenshots from GameInformer

GameInformer have been quick to post up a couple of new articles on some of GTAV's gameplay mechanics, shortly after today's gameplay trailer debuted. The articles focus on the specifics of Gun Combat and Customisation. Game Informer were also nice enough to give us 7 new screenshots! Summary of new info is after the screens.

First Official GTAV Gameplay Trailer!

It's here, the first official gameplay trailer for GTAV! We'll have screenshots and other details up soon. Keep checking back, and enjoy!

UPDATE: We've added a total of 225 screenshots taken from this trailer!

GTAV Official Gameplay Video Coming Tomorrow

Rockstar have just announced that we'll finally be getting a GTAV gameplay trailer tomorrow at 3PM UK time (10AM Eastern US)!

GTAV Artwork: Friends and Family

Happy 4th of July to our American visitors. To help you celebrate escaping from the glorious British Empire, Rockstar have released a couple of high definition artworks. They're not new, we saw lower resolution ones many weeks ago, however we now have much higher resolution full widescreen versions of Lamar, and Jimmy and Tracey.
Lamar - Jimmy & Tracey

Asked & Answered: GTAV

After a few weeks with no new GTAV info, Rockstar have posted up a new Asked & Answered article featuring questions that fans have put to them in recent weeks. If you can't be bothered to read through the questions and answers, here's an extremely brief summary of them:

9 New GTAV Screens

Rockstar have today released 9 new screenshots which were shown at E3 yesterday during Sony's conference.

GTA V Bundle Exclusively for PS3 Announced at E3

During Sony's conference at E3 tonight, a GTAV console bundle exclusively for the PS3 was announced. The bundle contains a 500GB PS3 console, a copy of GTAV, a GTAV branded headset with a dedicated GTA sound scheme, and 30 days of PlayStation Plus. This package will be available on the same day the game is released, September 17th, and will cost $ 299 in the US. We'll let you know if any further details come through such as international availability and pricing.
We're not sure how many people are still in the market for a current-gen console, especially with the PS4 and Xbox One releases imminent, and $ 299 does seem a lot for an old console, but nevertheless this will be available for those who want it.

GTA III for iOS Receives Much Needed Update

Rockstar have today released a much needed update to Grand Theft Auto III for iOS. Version 1.30 of the game adds features that many players have hoped would be added, myself included. The full change log is as follows. 

GTAV Special and Collector's Editions Announced - Available for Pre-order

Rockstar have just announced two special edition versions of GTA V that are now available for pre-order, and unlike other games (such as CoD) which bundle stupid, pointless crap with their game, Rockstar have included some pretty nice stuff with theirs. All pre-orders will additionally get access to pilot the Atomic Blimp (pictured above), "hawking Los Santos’ finest tire company (whose products are available in any LS Customs garage)."
First up, the Special Edition, this includes:

Four New GTAV Screenshots

Remember those three new screenshots we saw from EDGE Magazine last week? Well Rockstar have added high res digital versions of them on the official website now, along with a brand new one too.

GTAV Character Artwork Wallpapers

Rockstar have released some official wallpapers featuring artwork of the three characters that were originally seen recently after the release of the latest trailer. These artworks are expanded a little offering more detail, and are of course available in a multitude of resolutions to suit any device you might use. Check them out below in full size, or head over to the Rockstar Downloads page to grab them in different resolutions. You can also check out our own GTAV artwork page to see all the stuff released so far.

More New GTAV Screenshots from EDGE

The latest issue of EDGE magazine is out with their GTA V preview, and in it are three new screenshots not seen in previews from earlier this week. The magazine pages have been uploaded in this GTAForums thread and we've included the new screenshots below.

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